Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I'm so fucking far behind in updating this blog, and I apologize to those who've been following it (all 2 of you, heh). The run with Porcupine Tree was so draining physically, emotionally and creatively that it was hard to keep it updated day-to-day. Recaps make for more linear flow, but day to day updates have the emotional punch because it's being documented as it happens (tho it does make the flow kinda weird, have a paragraph or two for the current day then recap the previous day). But whatever.

I am home. I have never wanted to go home so bad from any run of show's I've ever done, whether teching or playing. I lost 5 pounds on that run, would have been more if not for copious beer consumption.

Went to see Wino w/JP from Clutch Sunday night after getting in that afternoon, much to the dismay of my wife. But it was two living legends sharing the stage. And worth it. It was inspiring. Immediately wanted to go home and play the drums cause JP makes it look so damn easy. Great show.

JT Drunk, new guitarist for Dixie Witch and electrician extraordinaire

Wino and JP Gaster

With the man himself, the mighty Wino

Been playing bass all day yesterday and today, making sure my stricken fingers will be good to go (they are) and getting my calluses back. Irony of irony, I've had daily access to the rig that is the "brown sound" of bass tones, and can't play it. Dug Pinnick and his lefty bass... I have never felt more musically retarded in my entire life as I did the first time I tried to play bass left-handed. Even flipping it upside down don't help. So yeah, I havent played bass in 3 weeks.

The Truckers have 4 songs I need to know tonight, 3 originals and one medley of covers. Got them locked down, we practice tonight. Then a private event at Stubb's BBQ tomorrow (the big outdoor stage!!!). Then Thursday Happy Hour at the Continental Club (Teal said the first one I missed was sold out and had a line up the street!), and later on I play with Eric Tessmer @ Antone's. That will be awesome! Then a long set with Tessmer at BD Riley's downtown on Saturday. Not sure I'll even get to practice with him, hope we do cause he added an organ player.

I will rejoin my Fall Tour recap already in progress when I have time.

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  1. I've got you in my google reader so every time you update I see it. Plus I've shared it with some of my rock friends. Great stuff, man!