Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taking it easy today, about to take a ibuprofin. Have 2 shows tonight, The Mother Truckers hapy hour @ Continental Club and then a set with Eric Tessmer at Antone's. Double-duty!

Yesterday played a private event with The Mother Truckers at Stubb's (the big outdoor stage!). Okay by event standards but free food and an open bar so there ya go! Fun sets as well, good warmup for tonight. Can't even remember when my last shows with them was. Nice day but by mid first set was like I dumped a bucket of sweat over my head. Drenched! Played pretty decent once I ripped all the band aids off my fingers. End of first set pick fingertips like I'd held them to a soldering iron. Had to use a pick for rest of the show, messed me up a little but no big deal. All in all a fun show, even when little things went wrong we'd all look at each other and laugh. Tried to take it easy rockin out-wise as I have a long night tonight, but couldn't help it. Havin too much fun.

About to refresh Eric Tessmer's music, haven't played with him in awhile either and have 2 new songs to learn. And we won't get to practice. Ha! It'll be a little loose but we'll be fine. Added an organ player so cant WAIT to check that out.

Was going to mow the lawn today (nice day so far) but I think I better lay low and conserve as much energy as possible. The Truckers happy hour tonight is going to be insane. Crowd surfing or a drum dive will def be in order...!

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