Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thursday night was a very long night.

The Mother Truckers happy hour at the Continental Club was awesome!!! Lotta old friends and the usual cast of characters, as well as new faces. Sold out crowd! Felt great about my playing although had to use a pick for the second set due to lack of proper calluses. Man, almost feels like cheating...! Think from now on I will at least use a pick for "Can't Sleep in Tucson" which is the single hardest Truckers song for me to play, shoulda been doing it all along!

We had Brandon from Pat Green's band get up and sit in on Violin for 4-5 songs, sounded awesome! I love just getting people onstage, telling then what key it's in and letting them do their thing, especially when they are pro enough to follow along like they've been jamming with us all along. Awesome!!!

Took some shots onstage during Pete the Beat's drum solo for "Save My Soul":

Second set we had Brandon up for a few more, then got (shit, can't remember name) from Stone Honey to trade blues solos with Josh on "Love Me Like a Man". Yelled in Josh's ear "Mind if I take a solo?!?" He said "Hell yeah!" I meant on guitar, but pulled a pretty decent bass solo out of my ass, with Josh yelling in my ear "Use the WAH, man!!!" Hell yeah! Then for an encore we had most/all of Stone Honey and Aaron from Shurman get up for gang vox and harmonica on the "Paradise City" medley. Hell yeah, good times! Hopefully next week we'll have a bottle of Patron onstage to pass around, heh! Pete the Beat was using the house kit so a drum dive was out, and most of the front row was ladies so no crowd surfing either. Will make preparations next time for a finale. Lots of "So good to have you back!" from friends, fans and my bandmates. And it's good to be back, have missed jammin with the Truckers.

Tried to get the party moved over to Antone's for Eric Tessmer's set but no dice. The Truckers posse and Stone Honey guys were going to party at the SRV statue (a fave after-party spot of ours). Said my goodbyes and departed for Antone's.

Crowd a little thin, White Rhino already onstage. Tessmer helped me load, went to park. Got back and Son of Fire already ontsage. Running out of gas big time by this point, just rocked my ass off for 2 hours and had another long set to go. Son of Fire sounded great, had a pretty decent crowd by then. I got a Dos Equis and tried to take it easy backstage. Curious about the new organ player, turns out it's Michael McDaniel from the Friends Sunday blues jam! Awesome.

Standing outside smoking with friends some douchebag totally went after some English bloke standing outside minding his own business: got pissed at him out of nowhere, headbutted him 3 times in the face and took him down beating the shit out of him. Happened so quick we were all kind of in shock, Son of Fire guys broke it up. Poor English bloke spent the rest of the evening going "What happened?!?" We didn't know either. Aforementioned douchebag needs to pull that shit on a cage fighter and get a much-deserved beatdown.

Switched to Jim Beam on the rocks by the time we went on (maybe not the best idea). Tipsy, tired and hadn't played practiced with Tessmer in who-knows how long, and a new member. Fuck it. Let's do it! Felt out of shape and out of practice but did my best under the circumstances. Mainly used a pick cause my pick fingers were shot. Then the drinks started coming in and it was over. Chain smoked onstage to keep my energy up a little. Who knows how we (I) actually sounded, heh. Was still fun and good practice for tonight. Michael was a good addition, not only adding organ but also tenor and soprano sax and some vocals as well.

Was fine to drive tho and got home no problem. But in the middle of the night woke my wife up crawling OVER the bed instead of walking around it to go to the bathroom. Was totally half asleep cause I do remember getting to the bedroom door and it looked like the bus door of The Black Panther. Weird. Then Gina turned on the light and I had to squint at the doorknob before opening it. Weird.

Yeah. I was beat.

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