Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Not only is a very long week over, but I managed to finish my RPM Challenge album 'Ocean of Stars' on time! Whether or not I made the mail-in time remains to be seen. But I feel I made a really good record despite almost impossible odds: dealing w/my divorce, catastrophic gear failure, skeletal finances, etc. So if they don't accept it they know where to stick it.

You can stream the entire album now at:


This week will be the calm before another storm, looking at my calendar for next week play Mon/Wed/Thurs w/ETB, Fri w/the Truckers, Sat w/ETB, Sun w/Truckers, and Mon w/ETB. And that is the week leading up to SXSW. Fuck. And I already have 5-6 shows in the works for then). Better catch up on sleep best I can next few days.

As for this week I have a UT Baseball game to run camera for this after noon. Before then I will be learning the music for a bass recording session on Thursday evening. 25 Smokin Figurados is finally bringing me in, think I've been talking to them for almost a year. Will add some much needed coin to my coffer.

Tomorrow need to mow the lawn at the old house, then work on music. Then that night Eric, Richard and I will be crashing an open jam up in Jonestown. These people have no idea what is in store for them, heh!

Thursday recording session is 5-8, three songs. Hopefully won't be too hungover in the morning, heh! Friday is off as far as I know.

Saturday ETB is playing a Texas Independence Fest in Maxwell TX (just outside Lockhart, S of Austin). Just found out about that one last night, asking Tessmer about upcoming shows he asked if I looked at the date handbills he'd printed. I said no, e-mail me the dates! So that's cool, extra show which we'll be headlining and being paid decent to do so. Bring it on! Only scheduling conflict (checking the handbill, heh) is Friday March 12, already booked to play Threadgill's World HQ w/the Truckers. Eric said he can move the date, but I would rather begin/end the ETB set early (or have someone fill in for the last part) so I can play both shows and get paid twice.

As for the Room 710 book I used to talk so much about, the project is on hold at least thru the divorce. I just can't focus on it at the moment, but it will happen when the time is right.

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