Friday, April 30, 2010

The Mother Truckers just opened for Clint Black at Nutty Brown Cafe.

It was awesome. Great venue, great show. Big outdoor festival stage, awesome staff, great food, great crowd, great weather. Hopefully we'll be back, heh.

I felt really on, the band felt really on. Stage sounded great, didn't need to wear earplugs. Afterwards felt like I jumped into a pool filled with sweat. Feeling much better about the Fender 4x10 I recently bought. Had to dial in my SVT a bit during soundcheck, but during the set it sounded great.

While warming up with Josh by the White Whale (Josh & Teal's white 15-passenger van) Clint Black's keyboard player Dane came up and chatted with us. Really cool guy. Mid sentence the door to the bus they parked next to flew open and Clint Black gave him good natured shit about talking shop with a band about to go on, heh. He shook our hands and said he dug what he heard during soundcheck. Really nice of him. His hand was perfectly manicured. Was afraid to shake it too hard.

Cool fucking night. Could go to the Scoot Inn and hang with some friends of the band and check out a jam with some of the Shurman and Stonehoney guys, but now that I am home I am going nowhere.

Lemmy would be disappointed in me.

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