Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quick check in before Thunderosa AZ recap

Busy week on top of a busy couple of months. Busy in a good way, tho either I'm running myself ragged or the Cedar Fever Fatigue is starting to set in. Probably both.

Feel pretty good today tho, trying to get back into the routine of doing some mediation and some exercises/stretches every day. Not getting any younger. Main foe is a general feeling of lack of motivation.

Got back Saturday eve from Bleu Edmondson in Little Rock that Friday. Decent show, did what we could despite the less-than-perfectly sound system. Sunday was a blur. Probably slept and hung out with my GF and dog.

Monday spent the day again with Heather and Nacho, enjoying the holiday and the nice weather. That eve went to the re-booted jam the Ortiz Brothers are hosting at Beerland now. Sparsely attended tho it just started back up again, that will change as word spreads.

Adrian and Armando were there so we got up for a few tunes after Brick Top Blues Band did their set. Played some Zeppelin and AC/DC. Boy did that kick my ass! Pick arm/fingers still a bit sore. Tho I brought a guitar as well, played bass that night as there was just me and Taj from Brick Top there. Didn't get to jam with Jamey Simms but will do so next week. I even played drums at one point haha ugh.

Looking forward to next week.

Tuesday eve was Taking Back Thaxton rehearsal, starting back up after a hiatus. New album in the works. See what happens \m/,

Wednesday (yesterday) was hard to get out of bed. I blame mainly the cedar, but there was also some worn-outedness and a bit of laziness thrown in. Was hard to get motivated to do anything, and there is much to do. But got some domestic chores done, followed up on some booking texts/emails, lots of Adrian-related band chatter finalizing some upcoming dates. Got around to filling out the Wicked Rock Promotions interview questions and sent them in.

Then looked at the time and it was 6:40pm.

Shit. Adrian rehearsal in 20 minutes!!! Threw on some clothes, grabbed my bass and mandolin and headed over. Luckily it's not far to Armando's jam room.

Sounded good, tho there was a lot of knocking-off-the-rust. Haven't done an acoustic set in awhile so focused mainly on that. Also did three electric deep cuts as our Bridge City show next week Saturday will be an all-nighter.

Boy. I need to work on this shit at home. Not only sitting down to play bass for the acoustic stuff (I use a pick, and the angle is all wrong for everything as I'm used to standing up and slinging the bass low), but also the mandolin on "That's The Way" by Led Zeppelin. I learned it from the Live At Earl Court, and have completely forgotten all of John Paul Jones' cool runs/solos between verses.

Tonight I'm off unless a gig falls in my lap.

For Friday I'm still trying to scrounge a last minute gig, but if not I'll downtown anyway going back and forth from Beerland (Amplified Heat playing a set of Motorhead) and the Dirty Dog (friends doing an Aerosmith tribute) where Armando, Jen Leigh (Adrian's other bassist) and Dale the Super Fan will be hanging out, and I with them.

Saturday I'm at the Bat Bar on 6th Street with Kevin Winsman and Chris Trafton for an earlyish show. May hang out afterwards as there's another show at Dirty Dog which Armando and Dale will be attending. See how I feel.

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