Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thunderosa AZ run, Day 1

Monday Jan 4, 2016

Met up at AJ's place in North Austin. Well, I got there a bit early (erred on the side of caution re: traffic), AJ and Drew were still getting the trailer, gassing up and stocking up on supplies.

Ran to a nearby convenience store to kill time, get some breakfast, and use their bathroom so I didn't pee in AJ's front yard like a cretin.

Left early afternoon, plenty of time to get to AZ by Wednesday for the first gig in Tucson. Drive was uneventful, save for the cold that came soon after sunset. The heater in the van is out, luckily I brought my heavy duty warm as hell sleeping bag to keep from freezing to death.

Lake Buchanan

Didn't get to stop at Cooper's BBQ in Llano. Wahhh.

Mason TX

Sunset in Ft. Stockton TX

Some of the weird shit they sell in gas stations. Hand-tooled leather gun holsters. Nice ones.

I took over some of the drive through West Texas, but AJ handled most of it, getting Van Hellsing and us into Tucson in the pre-dawn hours.

Slept on his friend Mike's apartment floor. Mike just opened Loudhouse, which is the venue we'd be playing on Friday.

Awoke to him getting ready to leave for work, and were greeted by a GORGEOUS Tucson sunrise. View from Mike's living room window:

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