Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thunderosa AZ run, Day 7

Sunday Jan 10, 2016

So we were fortunate to locate a shop open on Sundays. Just Brakes, right around the corner.

Drew had AAA so we were able to procure a tow truck no prob, as AJ tried moving the van to see if he could limp it there but that was not happening.

Spent most of the day lounging and waiting for word, as we were officially done with all bookings and needed to get home.

Sometime in the afternoon, the word came. And the word was "You better come down here." SHIT SHIT SHIT

Turns out the spindle went out which fried the bearings. It would take until Monday to fix. DAMN.

Old wheel bearings on the right. Wow.

So we holed up that night at Jody's and drank/watched the Golden Globes.

I no longer had the van bench to sleep on, so made do with the circular wicker chair in the living room. I slept very little. I think I also learned that David Bowie had died. Damn.

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