Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thunderosa AZ run, Day 4

Thursday Jan 7, 2016

Change of plans.

We were booked to play in Bisbee this night, a cool little mining town south of Tucson near the border with Mexico. The deal had been changing as we were on the road, getting worse each time to where we were initially going to bow out. But they came back with an acceptable offer, only now the weather was not cooperating.

In the words of the Ryan Bales Band, the weather was "complete ass-piss", meaning barely 40 degrees and raining. There was snow in the mountains all around us. We opted out as the drive was further than we originally thought in conjunction with the aforementioned weather.

Turns out we chose wisely. Bisbee got hammered with several inches of snow, the show was cancelled, and we would have been stuck there and missed the Tucson gig the next night. That was close.

But we felt bad as this meant an extra night at Bonnie's. She was a gracious host on all points, but we also felt bad being stuck at her place for an extra night (Bisbee venue had rooms to stay in upstairs and would provide a home-cooked breakfast in the AM).

So we spent the day nursing our hangovers from the DOOM JUICE, cleaning and relaxing. I did the floors and tackled the dishes, and kept the fireplace going for warmth. We certainly had drank waaaaaay more on Tuesday night, but this morning we were slow to recover.



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