Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thunderosa AZ run, Day 8

Monday Jan 11, 2016

I got little to no sleep. Every time I would dose off, Jody's little cat would get into something or someone would snore loud. Ugh.

But the van was ready by late morning/early afternoon and we'd be on our way home! I could sleep in the van so no prob.

So begins the 14+ hour trek back. We thought about doing it in one shot, but settled on stopping for the evening in Deming NM which was probably wise.

Stopped here for quick pitstop. Guess Mr T had the day off, I didn't see him there.

By the way, whats up with these damn 4-packs?!?

Drive was smooth and uneventful, Van Hellsing seemed to be holding up just fine. Until we threw the bearings again. FUCK. So we lost an hour or three in Benson AZ getting that fucking fixed. Again.

AJ was on the phone with the place from Tucson who supposedly fixed it, and was not amused.

After some delay we were able to get back on the road and made it to New Mexico without further incident, finding suitable lodgings in Deming NM.

Of course, disaster caught up with us in no time.

AJ washed his hands in the bathroom and his wedding ring immediately slipped off his finger and went down the damn drain. Seriously?!? The front desk was closed and no maintenance person was on site. So we'd either have to wait for him in the morning, or go out and produce our own pipe wrench.

I took a very very much needed shower. And we were happy to have a proper restroom facility at our disposal, as the one in Jody's apartment only had a sheer curtain for a door, and one of us promptly clogged the toilet on our arrival there, leading us to run out for a plunger... Rock n Roll.

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