Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thunderosa AZ run, Day 5

Friday Jan 8, 2016

Began the day taking Bonnie (well, her driving us, but our treat) to Bobo's Kitchen for an awesome breakfast. En route she played The Mother Truckers "Let's All Go To Bed" album, which I haven't heard in 5 years. A good stroll down memory lane, what a time and what a band.

Lost cat poster at Bobo's. Hope he turns up haha

Then loaded our gear in early at Loudhouse so one less thing to worry about. Tonight was also their grand opening and was looking like was going to be an awesome show.

Snow on the mountains

Awesome Tucson sunset. Desert sunsets are some of the best.

Drew getting ready for the show:

Good crowd at Loudhouse. One of the bands had dropped off the bill but Gila Bend was still on board to lay down some awesome country-rock. The guitar player reminded me a lot of Josh Zee from the Truckers with his stunt-country guitar playing. Bad ass.

AJ sat in with them as well

Thunderosa's set went great as well. Holy crap it felt good to finally play! Mike the owner took great care of us and lots of old friends in attendance. While our good friend Mike Mihina (Love Mound) couldn't make it, his brother Sparky (Love Mound bassist) and sister were there. Good to see him again/meet her.

Another thing that had fallen through on this trip, was that AJ, Mike and myself were planning on recording a record for the hell of it. But a proper studio could not be locked in and Mike had to go out of town anyway. Well shit.

Still had a blast. An old version of Thunderosa also made an appearance for our set:

Photo by Bonnie

Very good times with very good people!

Also our last night at Bonnie's before heading up to Phoenix. We cannot even begin to thank her for her wonderful hospitality!

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