Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally some time off.

Will have time to finally start catching up on photo editing (backed up since Dec/Jan), will get started today. Will also be nice to have some time to relax and get a much needed start on other projects: need to get crackin on the SVT-CL roadcase for Travis the amp-renter and start building myself a few things, need to contact labels and try to get distro for solo album before I really start advertising it, need to post edited pics to this blog so y'all have something to look at rather than just my ramblings. Other stuff I am certainly forgetting.

But will chill today, last few days were long.

Tuesday finalized the divorce. Didn't mean to do it on 4/20 but I had time and the night off in case I needed to go out and get shit-hammered. Was hoping I'd feel more closure or a weight off my shoulders. But before it could even sink in got home and received word that the buyer had walked and the house deal was off. Well shit. So much for not having to worry about money for the next few years. Spent rest of the day gardening and mowing the lawn. Did go out but did not get shit-hammered.

Wednesday with ETB at Maggie Mae's was alright. Michael almost talked Casey Epps into letting me drum for him on Monday 4/26 when we had the night off from Friends. Not sure I could have pulled off a 2-3 hour show and have not yet attempted train beats and shuffles. Maybe should work on that as a way to supplement my income.

Thursday started out with Adrian Connor and Heather Webb stopping by to pick up my SVT/4x10 cab and JCM800/4x12 cab. They'd made arrangements months in advance to rent them for shows in Houston and Austin, Hell's Belles with Adrian and the Sickness. Missed Austin cause I had to be in Dallas that night. Good to see them. Then helped a friend move in the rain. Then went to see another friend in the hospital with a brown recluse spider bite. Nasty shit if left untreated. See one of these fuckers, kill it if can be done so easily or get the hell away from it:

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