Monday, April 12, 2010

Wrist feeling better slowly but surely.

Feels fine but hurts to push a shopping cart or move it certain ways. Will probably wear the brace sporadically next few days and for sure tonight @ Friends w/ETB. Felt good last Wednesday, see how it feels tonight. Note to self: WARM THE FUCK UP BEFORE I PLAY.

Been a roller coaster ride most of the weekend. Drama and bullshit affecting a good friend's health so adversely I am finally stepping in to intervene. Nothing I want to get in to but affecting me and especially my friend to the point where enough is enough. Will be firm and direct. Wish me luck.

Felt good to get out and see Dixie Witch/Honky/Amplified Heat on Saturday at Encore. Been too long since I been out and bills like that are always a family reunion. Took lotsa pics but shit, I haven't even edited my SXSW pics yet...

Did my taxes today with my soon-to-be ex-wife. The wind up was more painful than the actual act. Went very well, filed jointly for the last time and only owed $700, with a $680 bill for filing at Jackson Hewitt. Ouch. I paid the fee, she paid the income tax and we called it even. Next year is gonna suck tho. For now finances stable but getting close to "E".

Going down to Corpus for Tues-Thurs to unwind.

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