Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just signed up for HAAM yesterday.

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Wow, just wow. Didn't realize how affordable this was for health care, totally free (mainly thru donations) and some of the lowest deductibles I've ever come across. Was hoping at the least it would be on par with some of the crap med insurance I've paid an arm and a leg out-of-pocket for just so I can get my asthma meds. Lost all my healthcare when I finalized the divorce, and never qualified while married.

Went in with my ID, filled-out application form, a cell phone bill for proof of residency, a spreadsheet of earnings for 2009 for proof of income, a Mother Truckers CD and an Eric Tessmer CD to prove I was a working musician. And to think I had to dedicate myself to a life of poverty and hard labor to finally have access to affordable healthcare. Nice. God Bless Austin, TX. Can breathe a little easier now, literally.

Been enjoying my days off, giving my hands/forearms a break. Goddamn tennis elbow flared up with a vengeance, was reaching for the toilet lid and OUCH. Added a sweatband high on my forearm to complement the big stupid wrist brace. Look like I'm stepping up to bat for the Yankees. Feels better now, wrist still a little tweaky when I rotate it. But now I can go see a doctor about it.

Got a call from a friend of Josh and Teal, needing a bass player for about 10 days in Canada for July. Still waiting back to hear the dates, the Truckers are booking up July/Aug/Sept. If I can't, will call Tank from Ironclad. Jason from Velvet Brick texted there was a high-dollar session coming up that he was recommending me for, but it went to the bassist from the Dixie Chicks. Well shit, thanks anyway bro. Will be refreshing Mother Truckers music all day today, prepping for the Clint Black show tomorrow. Maybe we should have practiced, heh.

Saturday working for King's X at the Crawfish Festival was fun. Headed out around 8am with JRAB (tour mgr/drum tech) and Jamie from Continental Club who'd be running FOH. Weather clear and beautiful tho rain was expected. Got to Katy with plenty of time to rent a panel truck, grab the gear from storage and get everything set up for 1pm soundcheck with stage going live at 3pm. But soon as we loaded the truck received word that weather had pushed back schedule. No sound check til set time. Well shit.

So here we are with about 7 hours to kill. Walked around the Crawfish Fest before getting a crew hotel room. Interesting cross-section of East Texas, heh. Carnival rides, 3 stages, various booths and whatnot. Fest spilled out into Old Town Spring. After about 30 minutes we were done. Went to the room with Jamie as JRAB stayed back to tie up loose ends. Gorgeous weather by set time. Aside for a lengthy soundcheck in front of the entire crowd, KX played a great set and were asked to do an encore tho the cops were about to shut the entire thing down for the night.

Felt pretty drained by load out, all I'd had for dinner was some fried gator on a stick. Got everything loaded, said goodbyes to everyone (not sure when KX playing again) and headed out with Jamie in JRAB's fucked up little Ford Focus. Stopped for a proper meal at IHOP and were seated near the table of 2 decked out Indian women and some dude. Listening to them talk it was almost comical how uselessly beautiful they were. Clucked about Facebook, getting married, derogatory ethnic/caste remarks. Don't think either of them once said anything remotely interesting. Crazy. Made it back to Austin at 5:45am in one piece, despite JRAB's dodgy transmission. Surprised the whole car didn't fly apart like in the end of Blues Brothers.

Good times.

Am finally getting around to editing all the pics I've been taking since Dec/Jan, and will no doubt post them when I get around to it.

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