Friday, April 9, 2010

Will be good to have several days to rest my hands/forearms. No gigs til Monday.

Still wearing the brace, wrist still sore without it. Wore it onstage Wednesday night w/ETB @ Maggie Mae's. Thought about going without but figured I'd give it a song. It actually felt really really good. Kept my wrist right where it needed to be and didn't really affect my playing at all, save for having to put my shoulder into it a little to reach the higher strings. Other than that it felt really natural. Might have to keep that up for awhile and see how goes.

The show that night was alright by MM standards. Decent crowd at times, dead at others. We played pretty good. Still dialing in the TB-600, think I just about have it. Had that thing a year before I realized the bass and treble knobs were push/pull. Duh. Added the bass boost but dialed bass back to noon and liked it. Gave it a little more range of frequencies and doesn't sound like it's driving the speakers too hard like that setting I stopped using (don't even know what it's called, guess I should finally look at the owner's manual, heh). Band said it sounded better. Still not blown away by it, but it's getting better. End of the night found that someone left a joint in the tip jar. Awesome.

Will probably lay low tonight to save money for Dixie Witch/Honky on Saturday.

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