Saturday, April 3, 2010

Man I am wrecked. Long day of studio sessions.

Had the earlier Kari Renee session at the place Jason from Velvet Brick works. Started off a little iffy, she was really inexperienced and nervous, bless her heart. Real sweet lady. But her drummer son, Russell the session guitarist and myself worked out the song and it went better from there. Kinda country/folky number. She has a good voice. Then took a stab at a "Turtle Blues", a greasy Janis blues song since I only had an hour left. Was a good warmup for the Truckers session and put some extra rent money in my pocket.

Then went straight to Cris Burns' place to record with the Truckers. Session went very well, blew out 7 of 10 songs. New cab sounds fine and was happy with my playing. Will finish last 3 songs for drums and do bass fixits tomorrow and I should be done. Awesome.

So yesterday was doing some last minute cab shopping when I got a call from Ken (ex-Butcherwhite). Said he was poking around online, stumbled across this blog and asked if I needed to borrow anything. Hell yeah, Ken is such a great guy. Told him I'd call him back after I hit a few more places. At Ray Hennig's found a new run Fender 4x10, which I thought had Eden speakers in it. They asked for $250 but let it go for $225. Awesome. Turns out has Eminence speakers, not too shabby. Lightweight and easy to move, but I will upgrade the handles and maybe throw some casters on it.

Used it last night with the SVT at Friends w/ETB and got some good tone compliments. Wasn't blown away by it but for the money I am pleased. Still have $$ left over to fix my Isovent, and can maybe use it as a trade-in towards a 2x15 down the line. Anyway, the gig went well. Started off fucking dead but steadily filled throughout our 8pm-11pm slot. It's Texas Relay weekend, meaning there are a lot of people downtown. Obviously beefed up police presence on 6th Street to keep an eye on the more questionable individuals, and there were quite a few.

Trying to navigate 2 huge vans down the middle of a closed-off 6th Street was an exercise in patience. Jesus people, don't you see a BIG FUCKING VAN coming your way? I was tailing Boss Hoss and fucking people were walking BETWEEN OUR MOVING VANS as we inched towards Brazos. Fucking jackasses, I tell ya.

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