Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now my R wrist is a little tweaked.

Been feeling a little iffy for awhile: sore joint mainly when I rotate it and is popping constantly. Not the joint, but the overwound tendons from my pick fingers snapping over the wrist joint. Have had a ganglion cyst on the wrist in the past, feels like it's coming back but can't feel it under the skin. Bought a good wrist brace @ CVS yesterday and been wearing it since.

But good news this morning: got the first week of dates in Denmark for the Mother Truckers Europe tour! And it will be over my birthday which will be fucking AWESOME. That and got a call re: a TX Country artist I was almost hired by last spring, need to return that call and see what they have going on. My schedule already starting to fill up from Eric Tessmer and the Truckers, both of which will be pushing albums I played on. Would like to be a part of all that, but rent must be paid so will at least get some details.

Playing tonight @ Maggie Mae's w/ETB. Will see how it goes, hoopefully won't rain again... Monday at Friends was fucking dead. Went to see Toni Price happy hour at the Continental Club last night, that was great. Never seen her before and I see why everyone's been talking about her. Got to hang with her afterwards a bit, such a cool lady and total character. A really good night.

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