Tuesday, February 14, 2012

251st Post

Well well well. That one slipped by me.

250 posts. Will be interesting to go back and start re-reading this thing. And now that the Hobbit Hole has wireless internet, I can!

Time Warner had 3 guys climbing back into the drainage gulley this morning to hook our humble abode back up to the world. Our phone service is very spotty here (have go outside and stand by the mailboxes to take calls, and even then they still drop). Spotty phone signal = spotty internet. Using hotspot from my phone to give iMac and laptop internet is a crapshoot. Forget about watching any kind of videos or even uploading demos to the RPM Challenge site, or getting tracks from ETB and needing to download them.

But those days are over!

In other news. ETB Monday residency at Friends last night was a mixed bag. Started off really well but just fizzled no matter how much energy we put into the set. We played great but the crowd that was once really into it just fizzled and dispersed about 90 mins into first set. Well poop. Put the DR set onto Minnie Pearl and really like them. Might be a little too stiff tho, like plucking coaxial cables. Will see how the SIT equivalents are, will try out some sets via the WB Gear deal. Another thing I haven't been able to do due to crappy internet.

We also had a productive song writing rehearsal earlier that day. Have some solid ideas coming along. And a lot of business things in the works. Will fill in details only after things happen. No sense talking big but none of it coming about, heh.

After Time Warner guys left and Triniti headed to Tattoo 23 to do some assistant work I went to storage and dug out my drumset, studio monitors and found a mic stand, among other useful things. Would see how I felt after Arcana Mundi practice at Tim Abbott's under-renovation place in North Austin, I need to play some drums and start tracking. Tim says I can use the place to record. Will keep that in mind. The convenience of renting an hourly room at the Music Lab (right around the corner) first thing tomorrow versus driving up north only to battle rush hour traffic on the way home might be worth the $30-40 bucks.

Practice went well, wound up taking Roland (drummer/percussion) home to his place in South Austin. On the way home stopped by storage again and grabbed my mixer and the gutted first pedalboard I ever built which will be re-instated as my guitar board.

Much to do. Gotta run

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