Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New endorsement deal

ETB's publicist Suzanne Penley has landed us endorsements through WB Gear (www.wbgear.com), which is affiliated with SIT Strings and several other useful companies. Awesome! And tho via ETB this is a deal for me as an individual artist. Also awesome. This in addition to the amazing deal she landed for a new set of cymbals for Rob.

She's really been making things happen. Can't thank her enough, and Eric Tessmer Band looks forward to having a big year!

ETB wound up working another double Friday as well. Called in for early set at Friends before our set at BD Riley's. Towards the end the cops showed up amidst noise complaints. Live music capital of the world, just keep it down even if Friends is completely packed during our last song. Seriously? Other than that, fun sets and a good night.

Also on Friday met Lisa and Trace from the upstart paranormal investigations show, couldn't talk to them while playing heh, but had a business lunch with them next day.

Went very positive despite me dragging ass from the previous long night. I am the official musical director, they want to use parts of "House of Leaves pt 2" for the title and I'll have free reign creatively for whatever i'd like to produce for the show. Only rule is nothing obviously/predictably spooky. Done. Pro bono work for now til the show is in production and starts earning money. But looks great on my resume nonetheless.

Other developments include me bass teching for Dug Pinnick on a King's X West Coast run late March thru mid April. Will be great to work with those guys again, haven't travelled with them since 2009.

Yesterday had a photo shoot for Arcana Mundi at Matt Smith's studio. All I have to say about that is that Tim will be having Matt Smith personally and individually sit down with myself, MJ (keys/guitar) and Natalie Zoe (backing vox/guitar) and going over guitar parts. Awesome. I haven't had a guitar lesson since age 14, and will be looking forward to sitting down with the man himself.

Last night at our Monday residency at Friends was abysmal. Note to self: don't book Monday after the Super Bowl, or whatever such big sporting event that apparently happened Sunday which I heard about on Twitter (don't own a TV and don't give a fuck about sports).

And finally have been demo'ing music for RPM Challenge. Have an 8 minute orchestral epic, a spanish classical piece and am working on a 3rd idea as well. Not sure how/where I'll record them, but have half the required 35 minutes of music ready to roll.

Feels good to play guitar. Don't get me wrong, I love bass as well. Just haven't had the opportunity to play much guitar past few years.

Today had another low key jam for Arcana Mundi. Tomorrow full rehearsal at Tim's being-rennovated house in North Austin. After dropping Triniti off at Tattoo 23 for a birthday piece by Karen Slafter I finally got a new handle for my Paul Stanley Iceman case. Been broken for 5? years and held together with some string. Punk as funk but not very functional.

Of course, South Austin Music has a Dietz touring 2x15 bass cab with Eminence speakers. Since having my Mergilli Innovations replica Dietz cab built (couldn't find the real deal anywhere), the damn things are now everywhere.


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