Friday, February 24, 2012

RPM update

Have 3 songs done for guitar and drums, not counting the Spanish classical number.

Have plotted out another offtime thing on a click track, try to record drums for it tomorrow. Also worked out a request from Karen Slafter to write a song in honor of the Hindu goddess Kali.

Adrian Conner is letting me use her place while she's out of town so have been tracking my Marshall there, much to the dismay of her neighbors, heh. Spent most of Tuesday there, came back and spent all today there as well. Buring a CD as I type. Spent 9 and a half hours today working on music.

RPM is the only time I really get to go mad composer and give myself completely to the music. I forgo meals often, hunger becomes a distraction and eating becomes a chore. My belt threatens to need a new notch. Shaving and hygeine take a back seat as well. Good times. But the results are always worth the effort.

6 days left. Don't even have song titles yet, let alone an album name/cover art concept.

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