Sunday, February 12, 2012

RPM update

I just finished writing/demoing another song.

That's 5 songs/32 minutes of music. Just need another 3 minute tune to complete the 35 min goal. But I still need to really RECORD this stuff, heh. About to go back inside after a cigarette and see if I can write one more. If so this will be the quickest I've ever finished writing an RPM album. Maybe writing first then recording is better rather than write and record same time... heh

ETB has so much business happenings I will be walking to the coffee shop in the morning for reliable internet. Lots to get caught up on, lots to get done. And need to get a wifi router for here at the Hobbit Hole.

ETB played Saxon on Friday, really good show all around. Wish I could go in to more but pressed for time.

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