Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just checking in.

Smoking a ciggie in the soon-to-be-rennovated patio of the Hobbit Hole and trying to decide what to do:

If I get my drums out of storage I might as well pull the glue from the bottom of 1500 sq ft of bamboo flooring I procured from Tim Abbott which has been in the back of my van for more than a week. Either that or lay the drums on top of it, which sounded like a bad idea before I even typed it. It is RPM Challenge related, I need to start coming up with drum parts and secure a location to practice and track. That and I need to install a new snare head

Or I can change bass strings. Bought 2 sets of strings (DR set I liked and Daddario equivalent) right before landing the WB Gear deal. #life #irony They need to be changed for Saxon gig tomorrow. Will be rotating the Dean Markley Blue Steels to Cate Blanchett and putting the DR set on Minnie Pearl. Want to feel difference of DR's vs the D'ads, and needs to be with same bass.

Or I can track some more RPM demos. Feeling a little backlogged already, have 4 songs/26 mins to work with already. Maybe retrack spanish classical song now that have news strings for it as well. And figure out how to transfer the sound of the rain caught ambiently during the very first pass.

Or I can just sit here and type, heh!

I'm up.

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