Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 10 -- Wisconsin Rapids WI (off)

Monday July 8

Turns out this was the only day off this week, as a gig in Rockford IL came up for Tuesday. Rick had been trying to iron out any details for it and they finally came through.

Days off are good for rest. But they can also be bad -- not making money, burning resources (food/entertainment), and boredom if you're in a place with nothing to do.

But we had plenty to do in Wisconsin Rapids -- like go to the cheese curd factory in Rudolph!

And that's exactly what we did.

If you haven't had squeaky cheese curds, you need to go to Wisconsin. But if you are lactose intolerant, maybe it's best if you stayed home...

Not sure exactly what makes them squeak on your teeth, but they are damn good!

Matt Brooks browses. I believe he spent $70 on cheese \m/,

Afterwards Rick and Eric went to the pool at Ryan's mom's place. I stayed to rest/chill, get some writing done, and deal with what I am dealing with. Life changes. They happen.

That night Ryan and Amy had all of us over for dinner and cooked an awesome meal. They run a restaurant/catering company called Great Expectations, and I certainly had them about the meal. Brats, beer cheese soup, salads, bread... damn it was good. And so good to eat a home cooked meal as opposed to road or bar food.

And good to finally hang out with Ryan and Amy and their two younger daughters and get to know our hosts. They'd been out of town most of the time Eric and I had been there, weird just being in someone else's house and I don't even know who these people are... but keep hearing great things about them. And they are indeed really, really good people.

So yeah.

Not a very exciting day to read about, but that's the beauty of off days. Gigs days for a musician have so much chaos/travel/sensory overload/excitement/noise/weird shit or lack thereof, that on a day off it's nice to just have some peace, and just be.

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