Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 20 -- Sidebar & Grille, Mercer PA

Thursday July 18

Another day threatening storms, delivering, and then clearing out by the evening.

Which was good that we didn't have to get soaked loading into the gig. But it gives the humidity a huge shot in the arm.

Spent the day feeling better, but still not exploring.

Took a shower and felt like I had shed a layer of skin.

And I hadn't been doing much of anything outside except watch Rick and his dad attempt to access the rear AC blower motor in the Silver Bullet II to see why the rear AC only blows hot air from the bottom vents instead of cold air from the ceiling vents. Thought we had mentioned that the blower motor works fine, saving the need to remove half the gear from the back of the van and then figure out how to (unsuccessfully) remove the side panels to look at the damn thing.

All for nothing. And I was sweating profusely just watching.

The gig that night was OK. Humid as hell load in. Central air in the place that worked, sort of. Weird stage area (a booth had been upturned and moved out of the way), so kind of in the middle of this longer-than-wide building in downtown Mercer, rather than in a far corner. Apparently the place is having a financial crunch too. Was a weird vibe in the place tho the owner was really really nice and accommodating.

Snapped a Instagram pic of the Mercer County Courthouse, the centerpiece of the small downtown square. Beautiful building.

The gig was alright. Had family and friends in attendance, people dancing and cheering. But still felt like Rick and I weren't yet firing on all cylinders with James and Steve. Not from any musical short-comings on their part, both very experienced players. But felt like the chemistry hadn't quite mixed yet. (It would, but I jump ahead of my tale). The weird set-up didn't help either.

Tried an experiment and raised my bass up a hair for this show. Saw the video from the radio thing we did in Minneapolis beginning of the tour, Jesus Christ I wear that thing low. My old bass (Cate Blanchett) I know the strap is slightly shorter than the one for my main bass (Minnie Pearl), as the strap had stretched over time. Thought it might make it easier to reach the higher strings, but just felt weird in general. Immediately changed it back the next night. Worth a shot.


So not a total loss by any stretch of the imagination. But just a weird night. It happens. The show must go on, and we got through it, because this is what we do.

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