Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 25 -- Off Day (sort of), Rural Pennsylvania

Tuesday July 23

Today! My blog is finally up to date for the first time on this goddamn tour.

Don't know what to say, other than thanks for bearing with me as I go off on a rant...

I stopped watching the news a long time ago, and my life has been better because of it. But it sounds like there is a new royal baby. Apparently the media is behaving about this much as you'd expect a group of wild monkeys released into a banana warehouse to behave.

Well, you cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck that I do not give. What do the British Royal Family actually do? The Queen of England, whom is probably a nice lady (or a total bitch, either way I don't care), does not run the British Empire. The British Empire doesn't even exist any more. The Prime Minister and Parliament run England. What does the Royal Family actual DO?

Please tell me that? What is their purpose, other than to be the figureheads on a ship that has been out-dated for 100 or more years, but is still maintained and groomed and polished tho sitting uselessly in a museum with hard-earned tax payer dollars being spent on said frivolous and pointless maintenance.

So who gives a flying fuck if one of them has a kid. Great, another one of God's chosen bloodline or some shit enters the world.

You want to hear about a birth way more important and noteworthy than another useless inbred royal, but which you never heard about on the news?

Earlier this year my sister had a baby at age 40, a full five weeks early, with a difficult all-day delivery finally resulting in a C-section. My sister and nephew Sam are and have been just fine.

So yeah. Anyone who actually cares about this, and is not at least British, should really re-examine their priorities.


Wasn't quite a day off, as we had local drummer Sam Orrico join us out at the Hornyak homestead earlier this afternoon to rehearse as a three-piece for the 3 gigs he will be doing with us this weekend. He's a nice guy, I officially met him at the house party we played a few nights ago.

Despite little prep time for him, he's a solid pro and will do just fine. Tore it up on nothing but a small kick, snare and hi hat.

However with a house full of people there were some distractions, heh. Our mid-rehearsal break turned into a full on dinner break as Judy made us, Rich and Libby, and two of their friends a sloppy joe dinner with potato salad and all the fixins. Was pretty damn good! Combine a feast with after dinner chat and our afternoon rehearse actually took about 5 hours from start time to load out. Wow.

Yum, but wow!

But we got some great work done, and again, Sam will do just fine. He's played with Rick in the past.

Reloading the van to head to Wilkes-Barre PA area tomorrow, we were able to leave out the PA/speakers/monitors and light kit. Holy shit, there is so much room in the van it seems like we must be leaving something behind...

But that space will be filled with James' and Steve's gear, as they are finally taking a van trip with us. A week's worth of shows with them, and we haven't driven anywhere together yet. Weird. But they live in the area and it hasn't been too big a stretch for them to take their own vehicles. Will be good to finally travel with them.

The tour is winding down. I will keep y'all posted. In the meantime, Judy just informed me there is strawberry shortcake downstairs...!

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