Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 24 -- Off Day, Rural Pennsylvania

Monday July 22

Day off, and man we needed it.

Spent the day doing typical rock n roll hard-partying activities: catching up on my blog, resting, doing some laundry, and playing Silversword (a throwback to the old Bard's Tale game I used to play on Commodore-64 as a kid) on my iPhone.

Yeah. Livin the Dream.

But I'm also a dork, so fuck you.

Rich, Judy, and Rick's 13-year old neice Libby were gone most of the day, was nice to have some solitude and quiet. Rick has informed me that people from this area general all talk at once and talk over one another, and it's just normal. So yeah, good people for sure but the quiet was nice, heh.

Talked to my mom on the phone for awhile, sounds like my geriatric diabetic Siamese cat Jedi, whom they adopted from me after my separation and divorce a few years back, has his diabetes going into remission. Yay! Good for him, he's a loveable but crotchety old fucker who hates going to the vet anyway. Good for him for sticking around 15 years and counting. 

Other than the occasional cigarette outside, I laid low until Rick and I finally ventured to the Greenville Wal-Mart. Yeah I know, fuck Wal-Mart. But we needed a few items, and it would be an interesting sociological experiment to see some of the weirder denizens of the area up close. Yup.

Planned on getting to bed early for once. But come 1:30am that wasn't happening, like usual... Ah well. Nothing to do the next morning, but we would be having an afternoon 3-piece rehearsal here at the Hornyak homestead with local drummer Sam Orrico to prep for the last 3 shows which he would be doing with us.

Yup. The excitement of being a big time Rock n Roller...

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