Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 12 -- Archie's Still, Stevens Point WI

Wed July 10

Yes, the overnight drive was a fine idea. Showered in the morning and felt like I'd shed a layer of skin.

Again, no sign of Ryan and Amy as they are usually busy with the catering business, and their young daughters were away at camp.

Ate the rest of my oven pizza from the Adriatic for breakfast. Been trying to eat healthy, but sometimes you gotta take what you can get...

Drive to Steven's Point was quick and uneventful. Archies Still is a cool little place in their downtown area run by a nice lady named Kathy who toured as a drummer in polka bands for 25 years. When she bought the venue from Archie several years ago, she kept the name. Well, added to it. Archies (Still). heh!

Great vibe in the place. And awesome that the urinal in the men's room also doubles as a wishing well.  Gross as it is to admit, Kathy explained that it is a good indicator of the state of the local economy. When times get tough, the money doesn't stay in there very long...

After setting up in a corner of the bar and getting the house PA ready to go she served us up hamburgers which were quite good. Free food > paying to eat healthy. Again, you gotta take what you can get.

Good crowd by the time we went on, but been noticing the Wisconsin crowds have been older. Asked Rick about it and he said that with these smaller towns, the kids grow up, go to college, move away and never come back. That makes sense. I did the same thing in Corpus Christi.

The sets were a blast, the people loved us. Got Archie himself to sit in on guitar for "Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line." Then had Kathy get up on drums and she totally slayed on "Folsom Prison Blues." That was awesome!

The "Archies Salute":

Band photo by either Archie or Kathy. Matt Brooks, Rick Hornyak, Eric Rietman, Yours Truly

All in all it was a fun show in a great little place. They all loved us!

Brief drive back to Wisconsin Rapids, and we were home for the night.

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