Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 18 -- North Country Brewing Company, Slippery Rock PA

Tuesday July 16

Did my best to sleep in. Eric was already en route to Pittsburgh to fly home to Austin. Safe travels brother, been great playing and traveling with ya!

The day was threatening rain and storms, but they subsided by load in time.

Judy whipped Rick and I up some BLT's before heading to Slippery Rock. Still dealing with that I am dealing with, which shall continue to go nameless. Just trying to maintain, I have work to do. Rick said North Country Brewing Company would be a claustrophobic load in, and he wasn't kidding.

Downtown Slippery Rock very quaint, cool little area. Hip college town. Summer session, so not as packed and trafficky as it could have been, which helped get the gear in a little easier.

Again did my best to maintain, as few things stress me out as much as the feeling of BEING IN THE WAY. Small place, but very cool. Corner area by front door was the stage area. Had to fit all our gear and the PA in there. Would be a tight squeeze but totally do-able. Had to load in among people coming and going and a full seating area with tables/chairs. James and Steve already there set up, helped us get the rest of the stuff in.

Tried the wheat beer on tap, can't recall what it was called, but was damn tasty. They had at least 10 homegrown brews.

Felt much more situated by set time. First set felt a little off-kilter, but the four of us haven't even had one full-fledged rehearsal together under our belts, let alone a gig. But went well considering. Small crowd area between us and the bar filled up pretty good with friends and family by second set, and it was a really good show. Felt much better in my own mind playing music, and the pints of wheat beer helped as well, heh!

Very good response, and a less claustrophobic load out, as now the seating area wasn't full anymore like when we got there. James and Steve left as soon as the gear was loaded, I stayed afterwards with Rick and a few stragglers at the bar. One of them was the guy throwing the festival we'd be playing next week. Can't recall his name but a good dude.

Splurged on a carton of American Spirit Yellow at a Sheetz (PA area convenience super-store) on the way back. Was almost out of ciggies, save for about 3 packs worth of rolling tubes and tobacco. Better to stock up and spend some extra money, then to run out and spend even MORE money going pack-or-two-at-a-time-when-and-if-I-could-find-them, or God forbid, going with a lesser and cheaper brand of cigarette. Only the best for my potential lung damaging stress-relief.

Got back to the Hornyak homestead well after 2am. Saw that Rich had installed a window fan-unit in my room. Thanks a million for that. No longer as hot/humid/sticky in that upstairs room. Was damn near shivering by the time the sun came up. Felt great!

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