Monday, July 12, 2010

Fri July 9, 2010 -- ETB in Corpus Christi

Getting all the animals to the Ark was a lesson in logisitics. Have room in Goldie Hawn for 4 comfortably plus 1 more if need be. Knew we would have meself, Eric, Michael and Trinti Young in tow to sell merch. Turns out Mariah the merch girl was coming as well, and Richard had his own ride to Corpus. Tessmer and Mariah 2 hours late cause Eric had to wrangle a PA for the Sunday private party. No big deal.

Drive uneventful save for brief periods of heavy rain. Duct tape covering the small broken side window held fast. Roll into Dr. Rockits Blues Bar and load onto the stage, leaving Richards drums off to the side as he hadnt arrived yet. Checked into provided rooms at Bayfront Hotel (2 of them, we were in taller one closest to venue). Instead of napping which I'd like to have done, went to dinner with my family. Back at hotel in time to head to venue.

Waiting waiting waiting, not much of a soundcheck. Not as big a crowd as last time either, but fuck it. Got 3 songs in when an older gentleman started giving us shit on the way to the bathroom: "THIS IS A BLUES CLUB! PLAY SOME BLUES!!!" We looked at each other an laughed, not thinking he was serious. But he was, and continued on giving us shit walking back to his table. We were still looking at each other in disbelief, but Richard's GF stood up and schooled the curmudgeon, that was funny. Never mind the fact that we had just played "Down" by Freddie King, "Who knew a thing or two about the blues" as Eric informed the rest of the audience. Then we went into "Right Place at the Wrong Time", another heavy blues song and the guy got up and left.

Which was good, because after that we quickly turned the crowd against him and getting them to admit the nerve of the guy. I said, "We don't go to the bus station across the street and slap the dick out of his mouth when HE is trying to work!" Which was greeted with cheers, even from my own mother, ha! I went on: "Yeah, I guess he had to go and put on a wig and dress and hang out on Leopard Street!" Which the audience just about fell over, and turned to explain to my bandmates that if you are from here that is HILARIOUS. (Leopard Street, at least when I lived in CC, was where all the prostitutes were at, or so I heard).

So yeah. After that it was a fucking party, and everything after that was BLUES. "This one's called 'Green Diamond Blues.' This one's called 'Taildragger Bluess', this one's called 'Lonesome Trainwhistle Blues Blues'." Ad infinitum. "Blues" was the new "Meow", another retarded inside joke that makes sense only to us. Jazz Hands was now called Blues Hands. Thanks you old fuck, you made our night! During set break went to apologize to my mother for my language in regards to the old man, and she told me he deserved it. HA! Awesome.

End of the night drank many drinks with the staff and some stragglers, lots of familiar faces and friends. Had 3+ shots of something called a "Starfucker." Outside Triniti and Eric burned the setlist to release the negative energy from that old coot, and because they are pyromaniacs. Shortly after an off-duty sound man came out and accused us of stealing 2 mic stands and a mic. One boom stand wound up with ours (we bring our own), but the drum mic/stand was on a shelf next to the stage. Bah.

Not done yet, some of us wandered across the street to the other Bayfront Hotel and crashed their pool (it was unlocked, whereas ours was closed for the evening). Lasted about 15 minutes before we were kicked out, heh. Eric didn't where shoes and somehow left sopping wet footprints all the way from the pool, thru the parking lot, across the street and thru our hotel lobby. We were all drunkenly impressed with that, heh.

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