Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hitting the road today with The Mother Truckers! Our first road trip since Dec 2008.

Will def take a shower before climbing aboard The White Whale, feels like I am coated in a thick laquer of filth. Summer in Texas, more humid that usual due to all the rain. Blarg. At least their was a big fan pointed at the stage at Maggie's last night. Will post full recaps of the Truckers' misadventures here of course!

ETB Monday at Friends was a little slow, not bad but not great either. Was still cooking dinner when I looked at the clock: 8:30. SHIT, I should be there, like NOW. Oops... Got there in time to throw my gear onstage, park, and grab a beer before hitting the stage. Felt dead on my feet from the previous 6 shows in 5 days, but plowed ahead anyway. Played pretty good and had as much fun as my body would allow, heh. Was informed by Tessmer earlier that day that the 'free' party we played for the company that made our stickers paid $750. Nice! We need to do 'free' shows more often...

Tuesday my first day off in a week. Felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Was up north for the evening when got a text from Tank (MOD/Ironclad/Mastery bassist) saying "I am stealing a beer and there is nothing you can do about it!" Nice! Turns out he'd finished 5 bass tracks for the Mastery album that day and was hanging at Deanna's as the guit player Markus was in town, resulting in a houseguest reunion party (Markus and Mike stayed with us for about 6 weeks writing/laying initial tracks). DAMN! Wish I could have been there but like I said, only day off before another 6 shows in 6 days. I will be in shape as a mofo for the Truckers upcoming West Coast tour, that's for damn sure.

Last night ETB @ Maggie's turned out pretty good. Doing every Wednesday now. Even with 2 long naps earlier that day, was so tired I mainly looked at the floor near Eric's pedalboard or directly AT Eric's pedalboard. Jesus Christ I am starting to feel old. Even with that big ass fan blowing (a wind-blowing aparatus, not an ETB fan.... just clarifying) was still hot as hell on that stage. Good show tho, did a lot of improv jams during and between songs. Good crowd, lotsa ladies dancing and having fun near the end (alcohol kicking in, heh).

All in all good times. Tho this morning still feel shredded. And my week has just begun...

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