Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My first full day off in 2 weeks.

Not sure why I woke up before 9am, but tryin to use this time to my advantage before an afternoon nap attack hits. Feel tired in the physical sense but in a good way, as opposed to how I'd been feeling last week. Second wind kicking in and this constant gigging will have me in shape for the Truckers' West Coast run next month. Doing laundry (out of clothes) and will try to post full recap with pics of the Mother Truckers weekend tour, which was a success.

Last night at Friends w/ETB was really good, crowds really picking up. I felt a little misfire-y but the band as a whole felt great. Fun show and fun crowd. Almost got started off on a weird note, a certain nameless individual who we are trying to sever ties with due to recent behavior showed up. Our cold shoulder got questioning looks. Hopefully word has spread throughout door personnel that we would rather not have said individual let in to any further shows there. The price of "fame", ha!

Still not liking the Fender 4x10 I've been using, would prefer to sell for a 2x15. Just doesn't have the oopmh that my Isovent did when still functional. Notes around A are also blaringly loud, that's weird. Will sure as shit use my SVT and the house 2x15 at Antone's tomorrow night with ETB. That rig sounds like God.

Will try to catch Adrian and the Sickness with Bluebonnets (Kathy Valentine from Go-go's new band) tonight at the Continental Club.

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  1. Adrian and the Sickness and The Bluebonnets are next Tuesday at the Continental.