Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh man what a weekend. Will break it down by show cause so much to tell.

Thursday at Friends was really good. Rained on/off throughout the day but let up in time for load in. Had my bass leaning against my amp, left to smoke a cig. Came back and bass resting on amp not in the way I originally set it, and knew "It must have fallen..." Sure enough, low E tuning key now bent kinda cock-eyed. But on a positive note, it is the tuning key that's been problematic anyway. Hopefully now I won't have to periodically hammer it back into place with a shoe or roll of duct tape.

Set went great, very fun show. Had a good crowd going until the skies opened up mid-set. Which helped our crowd even more, as most human beings out on the down don't want to get drenched and seek dry places that don't charge cover. After the deluge had passed tho, a lot of people made a break for their cars. But lots of diehards stayed all night. Good for them.

Since it was a Thursday the cops had 6th Street blocked off, even tho by end of the night most people had left anyway fearing it start raining again. Asked a cop politely if I could squeeze thru the barricade to park in front of Friends (we were loading all gear into Goldie Hawn for the weekend instead of Boss Hoss, as my AC was fully funcional). He of course said no, and went on to say that we had to come up the next N bound street and pull into the alley behind the venue. Are you fucking kidding me?!? Told him I usually park on Brazos (aforementioned N bound street) in such a situation, but he insisted I pull into the alley. Guess he's never been in the back corridors of Friends, there is a fucking staircase covered in God knows what sticky substance. No way in hell we were going to do that. So parked on Brazos like I always do and aside for the extra 60 feet to load, were not hassled by APD nor had to deal with stairs.

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