Thursday, November 12, 2009

Library, 12:25pm

Awesome. Doing the request page sent my contact information to Author House, a self-publishing company. Before I knew it I already had an email and voice message from a guy named Charlie. Left him a voice message then he called me back and we spoke for about 20 minutes. Very nice guy, very helpful and informative. Gave me the run down of how Author House and self-publishing work, gave me some guidelines on how much it would cost, size, etc etc. Then sent all the info with prices to me via e-mail.

Now the next step is to get together with Triniti and check out some bookstores, and just looking at art and photo books to figure out how many pages/size/pricing and take it from there. Will probably do that today. Things are finally in motion for this and that is so exciting. We talked about also doing a companion photo exhibit for the release of the book. Talked to Deanna (Velvet Brick) and Vixen Productions is totally on board to help with any fundraiser shows. As soon as we get an idea how many pages/images we can submit that info to publishers. If no takers there is always the self-publishing route. This will get done one way or another.

Been learning the new Tessmer tunes at home. Played bass for a good hour to the songs, to where my L forearm and hand was starting to hurt a little. Wanted to run thru them again but came back to it later that evening. Really digging the new stuff, it's getting more away from SRV and adding more rock and psych. Fine by me! Michael McDaniel also added a lot of TASTY B3 parts, really taking it to another level and filling out the sound. Have trouble hearing the bass parts at times, but I'm kind of learning my own way anyway. Already ran thru them again this morning, will do so later today in prep for the show tonight @ Antone's. He says we're going to play all 8 of them. Bring it on.

Got a text from the Rangemaster guy, said he had the money last night and wanted to coordinate the transaction. Told him I'm free now, he said cool. Swung by his place about 8:30pm and traded the ledal for a check. Nice. Will pad my checking account with that and see how much I make at these next three Tessmer shows. Should put me back in the black.

Finished Henry Rollins "A Dull Roar" last night. Damn, his work ethic is inspiring. I bust ass to do as much as I can and still feel like a worthless couch potato compared to that. Wish I could have seen that Rollins Band/X tour in 2006. Trying to remember what I was doing that night in August '06. Probably either staying at home saving money (was just fired from a community college for doing such a bad job, 2 weeks after being awarded Employee of the Semester for Summer 2006. Yeah...), or was already touring around with The Ryan Bales Band. I know for a fact that Ironclad was forming at that time.

Vixen Productions wants Ironclad for a bill during SXSW, a Tuesday SXSW kickoff show @ Headhunters with Velvet Brick and maybe Dixie Witch. Need to call those guys and see if they'd be down for that and maybe a few one-offs in between. I miss playing with them, and playing Red River. Need to stay visible. Either get Ironclad back up and running, join something else or put something new together. Still waiting to hear from Ty Tabor re:studio time. That will have a lot of bearing about whether I should approach the Red River Day Care material as a solo studio project or as a live band. Could incorporate it into Ironclad but we'd need a second guitar player.

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