Monday, November 9, 2009

Library, 7:09pm

Just edited and uploaded pics from Adrian and the Sickness' CD release at Momo's. The pictures were almost as fun as being there, heh! Adrian Conner is one of my favorite performers/players in town. I always go home knowing I need to FURTHER step up my game, damn!

Been trying to stay focused and stay busy. Have a lot on my mind and last night was rough. Been getting caught up a lot on photo editing and uploading, that is good. Started today by dropping of my still-stricken SVT-II to Jesse at Austin Vintage. Got to talking to him last week Sunday at the Saxon Pub and mentioned it. He said bring it in and he'll take a look at it. Cool by me, figure Bill Webb could use a break from that damn thing anyway, heh. Went by Music Makers and saw about trading in my boxes of surplus bass and guitar strings (.40-.100 bass and .09-.42 guitar, one guage under what I use) and trading them up for what I do. They could not do that, suggested maybe sell em on E-bay or craigslist to fund buying what I need. Gave CL a shot, see what happens.

Am talking to two bands about doing some session work for, bring it on. I could use the experience as well as the cash. Should be dropping off the Rangemaster clone tomorrow, that will pad my bank account for a bit too. Good weekend of shows coming up as well, guess I will eat next week after all...

Did some more research on publishers and sent my findings to Triniti. Of course, now that we are getting full swing into working on this, one has internet access but no computer, the other a computer but no internet access. Fuck. We'll make it work. Also have been in touch with Vince from Austin420 magazine about writing/shooting for them.

In the PM took Nacho to Auditorium Shores for a run. Been needing to work out, can feel myself going soft. Have been fine energy-wise for the recent Mother Truckers shows, but since tweaking my back a few weeks back have done next to nothing to stay in shape. Back is 100% now, so no excuses. At the very least there's a track near where I am staying. Need to run, work out abs and upper body. That and STRETCH. Not getting any younger.

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