Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Van, 12:55pm.

Library closed for some reason, lifting internet from the parking lot.

Got a rough mix of Tessmer's new album "Green Diamond" yesterday, sounds good. Am learning the songs, he wants to start adding them to the set starting tomorrow. Fine by me. Went over them yesterday on the iPod, will hit them hard today and tomorrow, have as many ready to go as I can.

Guy I'm building the Rangemaster clone for called and said his truck is fucked up but wanted to get me half the money for my time since the pedal was finished. Cool by me, swung by his place and let him try the pedal out. He was pleased. Good to know building pedals has been added to my list of profitable skills. Not something I want to do full time but might be a good side gig for money, and helping players in the never-ending quest for TONE. Branching out into other things will def help me stay gainfully self-employed. Don't have the cash right now to make building roadcases profitable but I know they sell. Speaking of which, Reid from Deadbird/Rwake sent me a message on the Armour Cases myspace, need to check that.

Did some more publisher research, there's a website that directed me to Author House, a self-publishing place. Was going to look into it but my interest already got me an e-mail and a phone call from a guy there. Awesome! Today or tomorrow I will send an email to Henry Rolllins and 2.13.61 and see if they would be interested in doing the 710 book. Wouldn't hurt to ask, at the very least might get some advice on how to go about this. At the end of the day, Triniti and I have know earthly idea what the hell we are doing, other than that it will get done because it NEEDS TO. We could easily put together some benefit shows to raise money for it, especially if we go the self-publishing route. Then coincide the book's release with a photo exhibit. Always wanted to display my pics, just have never had a catalyst for doing so.

Placed an ad on Craigslist trying to move some of the surplus bass and guitar strings I have in order to buy what I use. The bass strings are .40-.100 and the guitar strings are .09-.42, both one guage lower than I use. I have 24 sets of each and am trying to make them work, but they just aren't. Will call Guitar Center today and see if I can trade them what I have for what I need. Had one e-mail from a guy saying he'd take 2 sets. Didn't say of what tho.

Yesterday took Nacho to the park by where I am staying to run the track. Was such a nice day no way I could pass it up. Did a quick run of 4 laps, didn't want to overdo it. Was going to walk one then run 2 more but by this time a teacher was leading a group of children to the monkey bars and they all saw Nacho and immediately stopped listening to the teacher telling the playground rules. Better to make an exit before they all bumrushed him to pet him, heh. Felt good, trying to ease back into it. I'm not a health nut but I try to eat right and stay in shape. Will try to go running as often as I can and start adding some distance.

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