Monday, November 2, 2009

Sitting in my van listening to the Red River Day Care disc I recorded earlier this year, pondering what I should do with this music.

Need to call Ty Tabor again and see about his studio fees, continue talking to local players about possible involvement should it turn into a band or a "desert sessions". When I hear back from Ty I will again approach Arclight Records about doing a desert sessions with people on/have been on their label, might be something they are interested in. If not, fuck it. Solo album time. In that case I think the name Ocean of Stars might be a bit more fitting, as my original vision for RRDC was a super-group of local players from the Red River community.

But back to getting internet in the van. I don't have home access to internet right now because I have separated from my wife for a month. Gina is an amazing woman and we have had a good life together, but past few years our lives are growing in complete opposite directions. That and the rigors of life on the road have led to some serious friction. So I felt it in our best interest that I step away for a month and have time to re-evaluate and re-assess the situation, then come back end of this month and take it from there. That is all I have to say about it for now, this is a music blog and not Facebook.

But yes, listening to this music I really need to do SOMETHING with it. I gig in three bands and am writing for none of them. And this wouldn't fit in with anything those bands are doing, maybe Shandon's band but writing music would require us to actually rehearse, heh! Maybe Ironclad, but we'd need to reform and hire a second guitar player. A solo disc would be something I could sell at the merch booth for any band I play in, maybe get some notice and some work as a session player. At the very least add it to my discography. But shit costs money and my finances are in lockdown. But I need to have some pieces in place before I know what the next move will be:

1. Ty studio fee, if too much then maybe Jason Morales' (Tia Carrera) studio
2. Get budget. If Ty, see if he'd want to track on it. If Morales, same deal
3. Talk to labels. Low Desert Punk? see if Brant would want to drum. Arclight? turn it into a "desert sessions" thing
4. If all else fails, track it my goddam self, have it pro mastered, print and sell them myself. LDP already said they'd take a box of discs. If it sells, maybe they'll re-release it or want to do another
5. If that don't work, hire some players and just play this shit.

Trying to stay focused and busy. The last 6 months have sapped all creativity, have barely written any music, not feeling up to getting into pics, blogging cause it doesn't take up much time. Beginning today will renew efforts to get the Room 710 book going with Triniti Young. Have had to deal with life and touring past few months which has sidetracked me.

As you can tell, I've been reading another Henry Rollins book and needless to say his work ethic is inspiring. People have told me I am the hardest working musician they know, and that work is no doubt paying off, but Jesus. He makes me look like a useless blob, heh! I want to still pursue live music full time as a career but branch off into photography books (been photographing bands for 10 years, took about 7000 travel pics last year with The Mother Truckers alone), and get into writing.

Have been kicking around the idea of turning my pics and tour journals from last year w/the truckers into a book: "VAN TOUR: A Year on the Road with The Mother Truckers" or "VAN TOUR: A Year In The Life of a Touring Musician". Why the hell not? Yeah the Slash, Lemmy and Nikki Sixx bios are awesome, but I'm sure people would also be interest in what life is like for the other 99% of musicians who are just trying to survive. Hell, you people are reading this now! Buy my book! heh

So yeah, renew efforts on 710 book and have that open other doors. Steps. Keep moving forward. Onwards and upwards. Have a goal and a plan to make it happen. That doesn't work, do something else. Don't settle. You get a chance to step up to the plate, swing for the goddamn fence. Can't hit it out of the park? Go for an RBI triple and work your way down from there. OK I'm getting philosophical now. Have work to do.

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