Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday night turned rough, not going to get into it. Could have gone home to stare at the ceiling but went thru with dinner plans with Triniti and her friend, needed to go as she is taking care of my cat. Glad I did. Jedi seems happy, had good food, wine and dinner conversation/company. Turned on the radio and Adrian and the Sickness on Local Licks. Awesome! Playing tracks from new album, CD release this weekend. Hope I can make it. Called in and won a free CD! Got to say Hi to Loris Lowe and Adrian, Heather and Mel.

Yesterday woke up and first joint on L thumb sore/stiff. WTF? Don't recall doing anything weird with it. Affected playing a little as I tried to play some bass. But realized the input jack was loose and the pots were scratchy so took her a apart for some routine maintenance and new strings. Tightened everything up, contact cleaner for the pots, new strings. Good to go.

Went by my friend Amber's for a massage after that. If you have a massage therapist friend, use the barter system with them. I trade Amber all the time: band pics, pedal repairs, etc. Traded this time for the Amber Lucille Band pics I took Sunday @ Saxon Pub. I think she still owes me one from adding a DC jack to her Russian Big Muff Pi. Good to catch up, have a lot to talk about. Right before I left had her show me some pointers on slide. Since I'm in her neck of the woods now, we might start jamming during the day just for the hell of it.

Last night had dinner with my wife. Was painful but necessary. Came home afterwards and made a point to do creative things rather than laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Got my Stinking Liz pics off the camera, will post some of those later today or tomorrow, look great! Then went into my room to play for a bit. Came up with a cool riff in some weird time signature, 13/8? I dunno. Said fuck it and busted out the digital 8-track and got some great work done. Demo'd that idea and worked on 2 existing ideas that weren't coming together. One a song I started working on few months back, another a piece of music I heard a band playing in a dream and have been trying to turn into something. The dream piece finally came together. Was challenging cause the bassline makes for the chord progression and the guitar plays a simple droning 2-note/2 octave line. Nailing that bass line finally made it all come together. I could hear it this whole time "on the tip of my tongue" musically, and could practically see it laid out as a Dow Jones graph, rising and falling a bit, rising and falling a bit. Weird and atonal but also melodic.

Anyway. Bout to run up north and grab the Adrian CD from the radio station, go and buy parts for the Rangemaster clone, maybe grab lunch somewhere.

Finally heard from Tessmer, playing Maggie Mae's upstairs Saturday (meh). Next week is Thursday @ Antone's, Friday @ Friends, and Saturday @ BD Riley's. Money in my pocket, the BD's gigs are usually pretty fun despite that tiny ass stage. And I will be free to see Fu Manchu/Lions on Friday, that will be cool. Hopefully we'll get out of Maggie's early enough on Saturday that I can run to Momo's and catch Adrian's CD release party. That album they did with Kathy Valentine sounds amazing, so proud of them. Great bunch of ladies and top notch players.

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