Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Van, 1:33pm.

Library is open today but it's such a loverly fall day out.

Got a text from Tessmer this morning saying that load in was at 9pm tonight. Wondered if his phone sent a text to the wrong person again, asked if the Wednesdays at Maggie Mae's downstairs began tonight. They did. He asked if I made up my mind to do Friends on Thursdays as well. I did and said I would. Cool, they start tomorrow. Steady work = awesome. Still keeping my ear to the ground for touring bands and session work, but a bird in the hand... The Mother Truckers practice tonight at 5pm, should have time to go home first before heading to Maggie's.

Got a lot of good bass practice in yesterday, want to have "Simple" ready for practice tonight and refreshing the other new TMT tunes and old stuff as well. Last night waiting for Deanna to get ready for the Velvet Brick show and Eric (bass) to pick us up put on some Grand Funk Live Album and jammed to that. Holy shit that is fun to play, "Paranoid" and "Mark Says Alright". Mel Schacher is the shit. Smoking a cigarette outside I looked down at my right wrist: a band-aid from guitar rash and a stamp from an amazing show on a Monday night. Made me feel very content about my life, despite my marital problems.

The Velvet Brick show @ Red Eyed Fly was cold as hell. Been in the low 40's last two nights, just in time for 2 outdoor shows, heh. Velvet Brick sounded amazing, one of the best sets I've ever seen them do. Makes me proud for them and of them. After I left in April 06 they had a lot of line up changes, bassists and drummers. Then the lead guitar player quit and they were down to a four-piece. When a lot of bands would have crumbled or turned into something else, they kept it going and kept it real. Not one song they played was around when I was in the band, that is awesome. Was talking to Nathan (VB drummer during my stint) after the show and he said the same thing. Lot of old friends, familiar faces and family out freezing their asses off on a Tuesday night.

Band after them was from LA, all I will say was that they were good but not. If that makes sense. Bullet Boys closed it and I was kind of confused by them. Recognized the singer but he was playing guitar as well, and quite well I might add. Only recognized the one song but wasn't paying attention at the time. Somehow we all wound up very trashed very quickly. I attributed it to going for a run earlier and only eating a bowl of cereal and a can of chicken/sausage gumbo soup all day. Grabbed two slices of Hoboken pie on the way to Headhunters for an impromptu after party. Helped. Which was good cause in all the drunkeness I wound up having to drive Eric's car back to Deanna's, as he was taking care of Rob their producer who was pretty far gone at this point. Well shit. Was fine to drive and glad I took the necessary precautions to sober the fuck up, rather than assume I was fine when really I was not... In general a fun night but got a little crazy at the end.

Will post pics in the next few days: need to edit and post ALS Walk, haven't even looked at the Shrinebuilder pics, and took an assload at Velvet Brick last night. Will start making an effort to get my pictures to bands, some free watermarked shots to post online and offer a CD of everything full-sized for an affordable rate. Make a little money on the side, then try to get hired to come back. Triniti texted yesterday saying a photographer she knew would be renting out his studio. That would be awesome for band promo shots.

Gotta run. Need to practice Mother Truckers and Eric Tessmer tunes and try to squeeze in a nap before practice tonight.

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