Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy week ahead, good busy not bad busy.

Bout to mow the lawn at the old house. Have gigs with ETB tonight, Tues and Friday @ Friends on 6th Street. Studio session (3 songs, bass) with 25 Smokin' Figurados Weds 2pm at SpitShine. Need to learn the music today and tomorrow. Thurs practice w/The Mother Truckers to do final prep work for album sessions Sat/Sun at Chris Burns' studio. Saturday 10am session (2 songs, bass) for Kari Renee at the place Jason from Velvet Brick works. Will be learning that music Thurs/Fri, in addition to keeping the TMT tunes fresh, some of those songs are very very new.

Did my gardening yesterday despite being wrecked from a long weekend. Was nice to do something Zen like planting tomotoes (3 kinds), peppers (4 kinds), herbs and flowers. Now we'll see if I can keep this shit alive over the summer.

Truckers gig on Saturday night @ Continental was a blast, tho JB the super fan was an uncharacteristic no-show, Clara the bartender got slammed during "Dynamite" so she couldn't get up and dance, and we didn't play "Save My Soul" so I never got to use the other platform for my bass solo (which friends were keeping clear of bottles and other obstacles, heh). Was also uncharacteristically tipsy end of night thanks to 2 tequila shots delivered to the stage. But a fun night all-around, our last show I believe til opening for Clint Black on Apr 30th.

Need to cut my hair. Gettin hard to see onstage.


Picked up my bass cab from the speaker place today. Didn't want to have to raise hell but just told them to refund as much $$ as possible (full $600 would be nice) and give me my cab back so I can take it elsewhere. Didn't pay that amount to use a loaner cab for two months so enough was enough. They were able to refund $410 of it and main guy was not happy about it (yelling at the liason guy outside). Didn't want to burn any bridges but this was fucking ridiculous. Taking it to Bill Webb at Austin Vintage Guitars tomorrow. Still don't know what the hell I'm going to do for a bass cab for all these sessions. Some cool stuff on Craigslist and in some local stores, but nothing that meets my power requirements.


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