Friday, March 26, 2010

Some good news for once. Studio sessions will pay my rent for April, the Truckers are talking Europe in September, my stricken Fender TB-600 is perfectly fine, was able to put some money in checking as well. Not too shabby.

25 Smoking Figurados (recorded 3 tracks with them earlier this month) was so pleased with my work they want me to lay down bass for 3 more tunes next week. Awesome! That and I am first on the list for live gigs. Very nice. That and Jason from Velvet Brick has offered some work from the studio he's employed at, 2 songs with a girl named Kari Renee. Will hit that on the way to the Truckers recording session next weekend.

Picked up my Fender TB-600 today, thought my Isovent cabinet had fried it but in perfect working order. That's good, been nothin but reliable. Now need to call the speaker place and see when it will be ready. Have 3 recording sessions and 3 gigs next week. Would like my shit back.

Also, need to pick up my SVT from Travis. Bill Webb did $400 worth of retubing to it, will be the first time since I've owned it that it's had a 100% retube. Now just need my fucking cabinet back and I'll be in business. Too offset the added charges, I will be building Travis a roadcase for his SVT-CL. Needs it in 3-4 months. Will try to have it ready in 3-4 weeks, as I have some other possible orders and want to build myself a 2 rack cases: 1 small one to house my Furman and wireless unit, one medium to house either the TB-600 or the SVT-II.

My visit to Corpus Christi was all too brief, and still spent a lot of my "relaxation time" working getting caught up on writing an "Ocean of Stars" song synopsis and creating a ReverbNation account to sell my music online and promote. Was going to begin my SXSW report but forgot the USB to my damn camera. Hard to write about stuff that's hard to remember now, and pics help. Coming soon, I swear. Weighed in at 154. Holy shit, haven't been that weight in almost 15 years. No wonder feeling lean and mean, and cinching my belt to the last notch. Even my jeans are fitting loose. Will make an effort to go running again now the weather is better, maybe the added energy expenditure will increase my appetite.

Wednesday at Maggie Mae's w/ETB wasn't too shabby. Started pissing down rain soon as we were soundchecking. Evidently we haven't played there on a rainy day cause the roof leaks over the stage. To counter the precipitation on Richards drums ran to my van (out front rockstar parking) for a big umbrella which I stuck on a boom mic stand and fastened with gaff tape. Did the trick, and looked completely rediculous I'm sure. Will get that pic off my phone asap! "Tonight, Eric Tessmer Band! Brought to you by Traveler's Insurance!" Awesome.

Today have a 6pm practice with the Truckers for tomorrow @ Continental Club and to do final prep work on the new album. Start tracking Apr 3-4. Have a new song to learn for tonight.

Only other thing I gotta do is start getting my tax info/expenses all together. Not looking forward to doing them for a myriad of reasons. Will probably get some professional advice on the matter.

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