Monday, March 22, 2010

POST #100!!!

Well shit, wish I had more exciting things to discuss. Am at my parents now in Corpus Christi TX to decompress after SXSW and the previous weeks. Already feel better. Met my older sister's new beaux and like him.

But so much for vacation time, I will be spending most of tomorrow editing pics and writing my SXSW report before I forget what the hell I did all those days. Just finished up my responses to the '22 Questions with Tim Abbott' interview he sent me the day after I did the 25 Smokin Figurados studio session. That was like 2 weeks ago. Yeah. Swamped.

Looks like I will have an early bass session the morning we begin tracking the new Truckers album, that will be awesome. Make some extra bread by laying down a song or two on bass (and maybe an guitar lead as well), arrive a little later at Chris Burns' studio not only warmed up, but with drums mic'ed and dialed in.

Hope Tessmer is having a good show tonight with the stand-in bassist. I'll be back Wednesday to hit it for the ETB Maggie Mae's gig. Then The Truckers @ Continental Club Saturday night.

G out.

Did I just fucking write "G out"? Goddamn not only am I tired but losing my mind now as well, heh.

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  1. Fortunately, we all know you don't normally say such things. It made me giggle though...thanks!

    Glad you are getting a bit of RNR-Rest and Relaxation that is...this will definitely get you back on your feet for the other RNR!

    See you soon!!!