Monday, March 8, 2010

Just checked the proof for the "Ocean of Stars" artwork.

Looks great! Was worried the color wouldn't translate well from RGB to CMYK (I can't do CMYK w/Photoshop Elements, bah) but it's going to look great! Have contacted Ty Tabor and Jason Morales from Tia Carrera about doing a mastering job sometime this week. If Ty not available (but expressed interest) will see if I can barter w/Jason over studio time, have lots of Tia Carerra pics I'm sure he's never seen before.

The ETB gig in Maxwell TX was fun, outdoor Texas Independence festival. Not a huge turnout but those there were all about it. I felt a little loose at first, not used to Richard being so far away (big stage w/riser) that I had to take my earplugs out to hear him better. Had our friend Rose in tow to sell merch, she had a blast and did great. I wanted to go to the after-party at the nearby campsite but we had to get back. Ah well...

Been making posters, here is the one for Antone's this Thursday. Word is they are going to make some huge b&w versions of it. Awesome!

Making a generic ETB show poster as well but still brainstorming on ideas with Eric.

And so begins another busy-as-hell 2 weeks:

Mon Mar 8: ETB @ Friends
Tue Mar 9: do yardwork at the house
Wed Mar 10: demo session w/The Mother Truckers, ETB @ Maggie Mae's
Thu Mar 11: demo session w/The Mother Truckers, ETB @ Antone's
Fri Mar 12: The Mother Truckers @ Threadgill's World HQ
Sat Mar 13: ETB @ BD Riley's
Sun Mar 14: The Mother Truckers @ US Art Authority for Food Bank benefit
Mon Mar 15: ETB @ Friends
Wed Mar 17: SXSW -- The Mother Truckers @ Continental Club
Thu Mar 18: SXSW -- The Mother Truckers @ Continental Club, attending Small Stone shows @ encore
Fri Mar 19: SXSW -- The Mother Truckers @ Maria's Taco Express
Sat Mar 20: SXSW -- Ironclad @ Headhunter's, TMT @ Continental Club

Sun Mar 21 I will be IN BED. And getting the solo album mastered is the wild card in all this, need to have audio CD and printing in by this Friday. Hopefully I can e-mail tracks back and forth with Ty Tabor if he will be able to do it. If I had to run to Houston, Tuesday would be the only day I'd be able to.

Busy busy busy

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