Sunday, March 21, 2010

Post #99!!!

All in all SXSW was good this year, didn't have to deal with downtown too much and had some really good people staying with me. As you could read in previous post was wrecked before the week even started, so I was def in energy conservation mode.

Saw some great bands at the Small Stone showcase @ Encore and saw Priestess at I believe Casino El Camino. Played some awesome shows with The Mother Truckers and had a great early set with Ironclad yesterday. All TMT shows had backline, which was awesome. Just roll in with my bass case and pedalboard (with all necessary cables within).

Full SXSW report coming soon.

Heading down to my parents' in Corpus Christi tomorrow to decompress and relax a bit. ETB will have a fill-in bassist for this Monday night at Friends, so don't be alarmed. heh!

Made some good money on the Truckers SXSW shows and Tessmer just PayPal'd what I was owed from last Monday, so I can breathe a little financially. Just spent $110 on much-needed pet supplies tho, and still have to get my diabetic cat insulin. 2 more ETB shows and one more TMT show this month. Been a good month $$ so far but still playing catch up from February, and will get some tax advice from parents for when I have to file. I don't pay taxes on anything so I have to take it in the pooper every April 15th from my creepy Uncle Sam, even with deducting every fucking penny that I can.

Livin the dream.

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