Monday, March 15, 2010


Starting to feel a little back to normal. Did my best to take a mental health day today.

This morning was about to call in for tonight at Friends, even tho it's SXSW week and should be a good night. Felt like I was a danger to others, myself and my gear. If my rig failed I would break shit, which I cannot afford to do. If someone gave me attitude I would put them in the hospital, which I also cannot afford to do.

So on this note I went to drop off the loaner 4x10 cab to the speaker place. Talked to one of the guys about my stricken Isovent. Said we'd work something out. Yeah, you guys will return my cabinet back to stock and call it even. I've paid for everything I blew, and after that anything that needs repair is a direct result of YOU GUYS monkeying with the wiring. Even if I did accidently wire the speakers in-phase as opposed to out-of-phase, but did my best to follow the guy's diagram. But had they not monkeyed with the wiring, I never would have wired those speakers wrong would not have yet another amp in the shop.

Then got called back to Affordable Sound cause the WAV cd I gave them was data files. Figures. And I had the audio CD with me when first dropped it off, but didn't think to leave it with them just in case. Said they'd be done Tuesday still. Awesome. Then they called me at 4:30 and said they were ready now. MORE awesome. That turned things around a little. But no reason whatsoever to brave traffic to get them today. Will add it to my morning run of errands.

Then got a text from Trent (Amber Lucille Band/Southern Gun Culture) putting me in touch with a guy who rents gear and needs an SVT. Talked to the guy (Travis) and told him I got a late-70's SVT that sounds great but needs pre-amp tubes. So he will have Bill Webb @ Austin Vintage (MY amp guy!) replace all the pre's and do a check up, and call it payment. DEAL. And this will open up future rental opportunities to have my gear make me money.

Got in a good nap after running around dropping off the cab the CD. Did a load of laundry, dishwasher going right now (piled up for 2 weeks, very uncharacteristic of Deanna and myself), cleaned the bathroom and took Nacho for a little walk around the block. First three things for the 5 SXSW houseguests who will begin arriving tonight, last one for myself and for Nacho. Haven't taken him for a walk in so long, and it's such a nice day needed to get out for a bit despite feeling pretty wrecked.

In my chaotic mental state have forgotten to note some noteworthy things:

1. Yesterday morning as Deanna and I lounged in our PJs trying to recover from the previous night, Billy Milano swings by with Yael, the drummer for The Love Project which she does with a revolving cast of A-list players. They had a DVD release party and showcase at Headhunters, featuring members of Prince's band, among others. Billy said it was the most amazing show Headhunters has ever seen and will see in a long time. Wow. And Yael was fucking awesome. Such a cool, down to Earth player, but you can almost FEEL the skill wafting from her. Brooklyn attitude and LA Style. Nacho loved her, heh! After they left Deanna and I swooned and squealed like a couple teeny boppers that just met the Jonas Brothers. Awesome.

2. After the Tessmer show at Antone's last Thursday Eric and I hung with Kinky Freidman. That was pretty cool.

3. The BD Riley's show was awesome cause while offstage doing my bass solo a guy bumped the beautiful woman next to me, which resulted in her accidently spitting her gum into my hair. Which she then tried to remove with her teeth, while I was still playing. Total rockstar moment. But later the evening ended with a lot of unnecessary drama and BS. Nothing I care to get into. Def not helping my mental state right now.

So yeah. I play Friends with ETB tonight, and after the show have to go pick up Justin from Solace from the airport. I have time right now to go and buy groceries to cook him breakfast (and stock up on food/entertaining supplies), but wondering if I should take a nap and just hit HEB tomorrow. Feeling better and want this trend to continue up until I have to brave parking and tourists downtown.


  1. And I just found this comment, damn I'm slow on the draw...