Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow, writing in this blog is like leisure time now.

Got home from a kinda pointless early load in @ Antone's for the ETB show tonight. Rihcard didn't come as he didn't want to set up his drums and leave them onstage (inconvenient for other bands). "So why are we here then?" heh. But at least got to set mic/monitor levels and dial the room in amp-wise. Immediately promoting shows on Facebook and MySpace over dinner. Wanted to finish the CD art for the solo album but don't have the time/energy right now. Leaving in a half hour to pick up Rose the merch girl and head downtown. Should be a fun show, haven't seen Adrian and the Sickness in a long time, awesome band and quality human beings.

Ty won't have time to master the solo album at his studio (Alien Beans), so I'll have to turn it in as is. And need to turn it in tomorrow for it to be ready by Thursday of SXSW, yeah no rush. Still need to see if I can even burn the damn songs onto a disc with my laptop, iTunes don't want to use my CD burner and not even sure what the best format to turn in is yet (mp3? mp4? wav files?).

Been feeling very stressed lately. Last night almost had a bit of a meltdown at Maggie Mae's before even loading onstage. Driving around like a maniac for 10 minutes looking for a place to park is not a fun way to start a long evening. Got back to the club and told Eric "I am this close to being completely done with 6th Street." And I am getting there. Shitty parking, mixed crowds, mixed pay. Barstaff at some of the venues are awesome as are some of the new friends we've met. But just the whole vibe of 6th Street is not something I like dealing with. Mah.

Did round 2 of Mother Truckers demo-ing sessions this afternoon, finalized and laid down some bass tracks to 4 new tunes. Good prep work for tomorrow night as we won't be rehearsing. Left there and went straight to Antone's to wait an hour for Boss Hoss (ETB van) to finally break thru the rush hour traffic. Only to find out it's not a full load in/sound check. Nice.

I suspect I will feel a lot better after the show tonight, and when the next 2 weeks are over.

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