Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am so incredibly tired. Feel like I got hit by a truck.

Can't tell if I'm coming down with something or just exhaustion. And I still have to play 7 shows in the next 7 days -- tonight w/Truckers, Mon w/ETB, Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat w/Truckers and Sat w/Ironclad for SXSW. And will have 5 house guests for SXSW, 3/5 of the band Solace from New Jersey with 2 female companions. Had those cats stay with me last year and they were model guests. Except for the broken end table, but that is another awesome story altogether, heh!

The Truckers at Threadgill's Friday was nothing short of amazing. A moving opening set by Stoneyhoney, such a great band with such great songs and harmonies. Perfect cool early Spring weather. Got to see a lot of great people and good friends, tho was already dead on my feet from previous week. Truckers got up and blew the roof off the place. Awesome crowd and we had a great set. New tunes really coming together!

Had Stoneyhoney join us onstage for the finale, "A Little Help From My Friends". Their bassist knew the line and the rest of us sang harmonies. Joked to Josh that I'd use that time to run off to the men's room (forgot to do that pre-set, heh), but he was like "No man, stay up here and sing backup!" Hell yeah, it was great. Then we did a blistering version of "Love Me Like A Man" with Josh and Stonehoney guitarist (God I am awful with names) trading blues licks. Too many drum mics for a drum dive, so ripped the strings off my bass instead. Went over great and needed to change them anyway!

Hell yeah. Missed the after party at Stonehoney Mansion to go to Kristen Crowfire's (Sabbath Crow bassist) birthday at Headhunter's. Not sure I was going to make it, reserve tanks running low at this point. But said fuck it and spun around the block once, if I found parking awesome. If not, going home to get some sleep. Found a spot a block away! Hung the last hour and was so glad I went. So many good people I don't get to see very often as well. Michael Motorcyle needs pics I took for his DJ Molly Ringworm album art, will do that today. Hung with Leon from Trash Rockets, what a cool motherfucker. And one of so many. Have met some great people on 6th Street, but there's just not the saturation of cool people as opposed to Red River. Wish I had more time to go to shows.

So by Friday morning I am just about gone, at the end of my rope and running on fumes. And still had to mow the lawn here. But figured I could do it then while I was tired, or wait til now when I am completely exhausted. Def the right call. Looks nice, started getting my plant situation situated. Felt good to focus my mind on something as relaxing as gardening, rather than be on the phone for 30 minutes with the speaker place trying to piece together in order all the shit that happened to my bass cabinet.

Eat a good meal and took a nap. But was completely dead on my feet for BD Riley's last night. Which sucked cause those are always good to great shows. But had so little energy left I could barely move onstage, so just focused what little reserves I had left to just playing and trying to breathe. Third song in was feeling a little light-headed. Not fucking good. Finally managed to muster some adrenaline during Tessmer's bar-walk. Was getting the crowd worked up so I joined him out there and it was awesome. Sure the jager shot helped too. Felt better after that, but still had to ration out what little I had left. After the set I huddled against the van out front to avoid the flow of traffic, I did not want to deal with anyone who was not in the band or close to it. If I was rude to anyone I apologize. Felt better end of night than the beginning, but was still in a mood where at any moment I was going to either rip someone's head off or burst into tears.

Yeah, I need to take a break big time. Was hoping week after SXSW would be a vacation, but playing Mon/Wed w/Tessmer and Fri w/Truckers. Have a freelance gig too that week which would pay $200 or so. So I can't run out on that. First weekend of April Truckers begin tracking new album. Nice to have so much on my plate, but I am really wearing myself thin.

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