Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My last day off before Tuesday next week.

And by "day off" I mean a night I am not playing. Today is not a true "day off" by any stretch of the imagination. Need to add curbside appeal to the old house (mowing, planting flowers, mulching etc etc), anything I can do to make the front look nice on the cheap. Finances recovering, but slowly. Still have to ration the money I have to time out with certain bills. And now I also got to buy a bunch of plants and mulch. I will get by.

Corresponding via text yesterday with Ty Tabor he further amended his bro deal on mastering time to something I can actually afford (or should I say, an amount of money I don't currently have but worth digging up for the extra name recognition on the solo album). And I can upload high quality WAV files to an online thing he uses, and save a trip to Katy TX. Because I do not have time to do that, and this way it will still be in by Friday.

Crazy how this has come together. This whole thing was not a calculated effort by any stretch of the imagination. I just thought it up and did it, and that is how I like to work. No planning at all. I was thinking of blowing off the RPM Challenge until a few days before deadline, and glad I signed up. Didn't think I was going to be able to finish the album but I did. Didn't think it was going to sound all that good, but sounds better than the "Red River Day Care" disc I did last year. Decided last minute to price out duplication, said fuck it and put more money on my credit card, cause this feels like the thing to do. At the very least, I can put on my resume that I wrote/recorded/pressed a solo album in 6 weeks flat, and have another disc to sell at the merch booth.

When I get the first copies and hold them in my hand, not sure what I'll feel. Would like to think a huge sense of accomplishment, that I just "thought it up and did it" and now here is the end result. But they'll be ready during SXSW so I'm sure what I'll really be feeling at the time is "I am soooo fucking tired" and "Shit, now I need to sell these to pay for them!"

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