Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow. Back. Don't even know where to begin.

Feels like was gone for 3 weeks but save for the 2 week break in July it was 3 months. So far so good on rotating back to civillian life. None of the mindfuck that coming home from the long Mother Truckers 08 summer tour was, that was rough. This time spent most of yesterday recouping and went for Mexican food with Triniti. She's currently in town doing a Reiki session with Karen Slafter, I'm at Tim and Traceys about to tak a cold shower as the downstairs plumbing is a little out of whack right now.

Projects for today are make new business cards, keep looking into cd duplication for Ocean of Stars re-release and keep ball rolling with Magnetic Eye, may eat mastering costs to keep overhead down but still have Scott Reeder stamp of approval on it. Plan to see Totimoshi tonite w/T at Scoot Inn. Last time they were in town Shandon opened for them with Nebula on the bill. I was out w/TMT and had Amber Lucille fill on for me on guitar. Sounds like I missed an awesome show.

That and start playing guitar more, get back into that in my spare time. Would like to get Ocean of Stars up and running as a side project but need a band. The people i'd like to have involved are pretty busy themselves but wouldn't hurt to ask, maybe have several players in rotation like Shadon's band. Need to make some phone calls...

Tomorrow ETB plays the Fox 7 morning show then Sam's Burger Joint in San Antone that night. Sat is big homecoming show at Antone's, need to get out laptop and start promoting the shit out of all those. Next week/weekend off so plan on going to Corpus with T for family time, come back for the weekend and hit shows/network. Tim says he has sessions with Mike Smith that weekend, would love to hang out and watch. See what happens.

My birthday weekend ETB is in San Angelo and Lubbock. Will spend my birthday on the 18th driving back from Lubbock, probably hung over. Again, see what happens. After that ETB flies to India for several shows. That will be something.


  1. Congrats on your music career.

    Loved you in MAD TAXI

  2. Thanks man, belated reply comment... Mad Taxi is def a blast from the past... 20+ years!