Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sun Aug 21, 2011

Whoops, let's do the time warp again. Greetings from Chez Tessmer in Richland Center WI.

I am beat. We are beat. 2 days off before heading to Minneapolis and Eau Claire WI, Chicago-area again then headin generally south towards home, finally. Looking forward to this run winding down, been bout 3 months and ready for an actual break.

Last night in La Crosse was interesting. The Joint is a really cool place staffed by some really cool people and a competant soundman (yes used those words together and meant it, heh!). Similar setup to the old Room 710, venue/stage one side and bat on the other. Decent size stage and good sound. Stopped en route to Eric's friend Travis' place for steaks and a quick beer.

Venue never really filled up, ebbed and flowed. We were dragging ass and tried to appear otherwise, not sure if people noticed. Met Van Man from the old, always good to finally meet a former forumite in the flesh. Was real nice having an online discussion forum of people I would hang out with if we lived in same town. Wearing a Dixie Witch shirt to boot, which earned him a free ETB coozie. \m/,

We slugged thru 3 sets to varying amounts of people. Played pretty good I guess. Didn't sell much but got 3 pages of emails, that's cool. During soundcheck my wireless unplugged itself, remedied and good to go. Finally restrung Cate Blanchett as well, only use her for Taildragger and haven't restrung since last run. Put on my last set of Dean Markley Blue Steels, now remember why I liked them back in the day: they last a long time. The ones on Minnie Pearl are several days older than they should be and only now need to be changed. Kicking myself for not buying more at Dave's Guitars earlier that day.

After show things got crazy on streets of La Crosse. As per Eric, river towns in WI get rough. Were privy to drunken bar-closing stupidity and a rumble between some dumbasses. Good times. Eric and I kept our eyelids open with toothpicks to get home overnight. Windy roads and patches of fog. And maybe 2 towns in between. Yeah. But here we are. Day off today, going to Noah's Ark water park tomorrow. Fun.

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