Monday, August 29, 2011

Mon Aug 29, 2011

Greetings from Boss Hoss, somewhere in SE Kansas. Just drove thru the Flint Hills, very nice drive even if you are spoiled by mountains.

En route to Norman OK for gig at Brother's Eatery & Pub. Last night of the tour, holy cow. 3 months have whizzed by in what seems like 3 weeks. I always equate longer tours with astronauts traveling at the speed of light--they come back after a few weeks and years have passed. Crazy. Will see what condition Austin and Central Texas is in from a record summer. Was 110 there yesterday. Fuck.

Last night at Music in the Park was a blast. Set up outside a gazebo, good sound system. I was far enough away from Rob's cymbals to not need earplugs, heh. My rig sounded great. Played a fun 2 hour set to about 700-800 people scattered around a duck pond. Glad more people than waterfowl...! Rob wearing his new Kum & Go shirt (best convenience store chain name ever), guy in crowd had his little daughter hand Rob a Kum & Go lighter between songs. Awesome. End of set joined Eric in ripping my strings off. Might as well go out with a bang, heh.

How's this for small world: bass player in band before us I've known for years, surprised I didn't recognize him at first. Hard to miss a huge barrel-chested black guy with dredlocks down his back and plays bass like a mofo. Jemmie was playing with Endever when Southern Gun Culture did shows with them at the Backroom, then we briefly played together in Stepacyde, did a gig during SXSW 05/06. He'd recently moved to Kansas City, always awesome to bump into an old friend when u least expect it.

Note to self: eat. Have been eating pretty decent lately but made the mistake of having only a choc milk, blueberry/pomegranite juice, and leftover fries from Knuckleheads. Was low on gas, then the Coors original kicked in a little sooner. Drank plenty of water and was fine playing, but still. Allergies then went haywire from being outside and by the time we got back to hotel from post-show pizza almost felt like I was coming down with something. 3 months exposing myself to an infinite number of micro-organisms and contagions, and I finally get sick on the way home? Fuck a bunch of that. Took Target brand Clartin, B complex and a Vit C and feel fine this morning.

Second note to self: warm up a little before we play. Last few gigs have felt tight as hell first song, affects playing and risks injury. That and stretch out. Put Tiger Balm on forearms/wrists/hands this morning.

Third note to self: make new business cards. Current ones have myspace addy and no link for this blog.

OK going crazy. Will keep you posted, loyal readers.

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